NHL Prospect scores a goalie goal!

Published April 7, 2023 at 12:56

Junior hockey playoffs have started in the Canadian Hockey League as the NHL playoffs are looming. In the Ontario Hockey League, during a match between the Barrie Colts and Hamilton Bulldogs in the Eastern Conference, the Colts led 3-1 late in the third period with the series tied 2-2. To try and seal the victory, Colts goaltender Anson Thornton attempted to score on the empty net. Not only did he attempt it, but he also succeeded, scoring his first goal in a night that he will never forget.

The impressive goal caught the attention of the Arizona Coyotes, who shared a video of the goal on their Twitter account. The video has gone viral, with many hockey fans applauding Thornton's rare and impressive achievement.

April 7   |   19 answers
NHL Prospect scores a goalie goal!

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