NHL Goaltender Shows He's Fearless With No Glove!

Published April 12, 2023 at 2:54 PM

Although the Washington Capitals are officially out of the playoff race, they still put up a good fight against one of the NHL's top teams, the Boston Bruins, in their game last night. During the match, Capitals goalie Charlie Lindgren made a jaw-dropping save with his bare hand, earning him praise from the crowd and his teammates. The incredible moment displayed Lindgren's quick reflexes and fearless attitude towards protecting his team's goal.

Although the Capitals ultimately lost the game, their performance demonstrated their resilience and commitment to the game, even in matches where there are no postseason implications for them.
April 12   |   27 answers
NHL Goaltender Shows He's Fearless With No Glove!

Are NHL goaltenders the toughest in hockey?

Yes1244.4 %
No, defensemen1555.6 %
No, other position00 %
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