Oilers Klim Kostin is Breaking The Internet After Trolling TV Reporter

Published March 29, 2023 at 12:46

After the Edmonton Oilers secured a 7-4 victory over the Vegas Golden Knights, Klim Kostin, a forward for the team, added some humor to the post-game press conference. In a playful moment, Kostin jokingly snatched reporter Tony Bra's microphone during a media scrum, eliciting laughter from those in attendance.

While the moment was brief, it highlighted Kostin's sense of humor and the positive impact he has on the Oilers' locker room. As the team gears up for the playoffs, having players who can keep the atmosphere light and foster a sense of camaraderie among the group can be extremely valuable.

Throughout the season, Kostin has proven to be a reliable contributor for the Oilers, both on and off the ice. While his on-ice performance is crucial, his personality and ability to maintain a fun environment off the ice are also critical assets to the team.

Overall, Kostin's lighthearted mic-stealing moment was a mere glimpse into what he brings to the Oilers, and his presence will undoubtedly be felt in a positive way as the team heads into the playoffs. Additionally, Oilers fans should mark their calendars for the upcoming game against the LA Kings on March 30 at 10PM Eastern, as it promises to be an exciting matchup.
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Oilers Klim Kostin is Breaking The Internet After Trolling TV Reporter

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