Oilers have announced an 11-year broadcast rights deal

Sam Jones
June 7, 2024  (11:45)

Louie DeBrusk and Jack Michaels
Photo credit: Bonnetts Energy Centre

The Edmonton Oilers and Sportsnet have just inked a remarkable 11-year contract extension, ensuring that the Oilers' games will continue to be broadcasted by Canada's leading sports network.

This announcement comes at a critical moment, just as the Oilers edge closer to the Stanley Cup Final, highlighting the enduring partnership between the team and the network.
"On the brink of the Stanley Cup Final, Sportsnet and the Edmonton Oilers today announced a new agreement for Canada's #1 sports network to continue as the team's exclusive regional broadcast partner for eleven more seasons."

This long-term commitment builds on a historical context established back in November 2013, when Sportsnet secured a 10-year agreement with the NHL for the majority of broadcast rights in Canada. This deal positioned Sportsnet as a dominant force in Canadian hockey broadcasting, overshadowing TSN, which has been limited to airing only a few regional games.
However, the landscape of hockey broadcasts is poised for significant changes starting next season. In a pivotal move earlier this year, Sportsnet sold the rights for Monday night NHL games to Amazon. This transition means that Oilers fans, along with the broader NHL audience, will likely need an Amazon Prime subscription to follow their favorite teams on Monday nights.
The sale of Monday night rights sparked discussions about Sportsnet possibly scaling back its comprehensive coverage of hockey. While this might indicate a strategic shift for the network, Sportsnet's recent actions suggest a continued strong commitment, especially in Alberta. Alongside the Oilers deal, Sportsnet has also secured broadcasting rights for the Calgary Flames, underscoring their investment in Alberta's hockey scene.
For fans of the Oilers, the news is largely positive. The bulk of the Oilers' games will remain on Sportsnet, where beloved commentators such as Jack Michaels and Gene Principe have become fan favorites. Their familiar voices have become synonymous with Oilers hockey, making it hard to envision game nights without their commentary.
As the broadcasting landscape evolves, the new agreement between the Edmonton Oilers and Sportsnet not only reinforces a stable future for fans but also reflects the network's confidence in the team and the sport's growth in Alberta. This partnership is a clear win for the Oilers community, ensuring that the thrill of the game continues to resonate across televisions and devices in the region for many years to come.
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Oilers have announced an 11-year broadcast rights deal

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