Bo Horvat Calls Out His Former Canadian Team

Published April 9, 2023 at 9:15

Bo Horvat, a key player for the Vancouver Canucks for several years, was deserving of a contract extension for his consistent performance and ability to score points. Despite two impressive seasons of thirty goals each, Horvat turned down the Canucks' offer, citing various factors including the organization's downward spiral into a potential speedy rebuild. Following a recent game against the Flyers, Horvat was asked about his experience of being part of a playoff push, to which he responded. The tweet containing his response can be found at:

In my opinion, the Canucks made a mistake by not investing in Horvat. After being traded to the Islanders, he was given an 8-year contract extension worth $68 million by general manager Lou Lamoriello, with a new cap hit of $8.5 million from 2023 to 2031. It's understandable that Horvat may not hold his former team in high regard, and I don't blame him.
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Bo Horvat Calls Out His Former Canadian Team

Did the Canucks make a mistake not offering what Bo Horvat wanted ?

Yes2257.9 %
No410.5 %
Didn't matter , He wanted out1231.6 %
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