McDavid shows the Stelter family a really touching personal gesture

Sam Jones
May 25, 2024  (7:19 PM)

 McDavid shows the Stelter family a really touching personal gesture
Photo credit: Aaron Vickers

The Edmonton Oilers continue to pay tribute to Ben Stelter, their young superfan whose passing in 2022 left an indelible mark on the team.

In a heartfelt extension of their commitment, Oilers' captain Connor McDavid, along with teammate Zach Hyman, are now supporting Ben's father, Mike Stelter, who is battling cancer. Their dedication doesn't stop with emotional support; they're also financing his Proton Therapy in the United States, a significant step towards bringing this advanced treatment to their hometown.
In an emotional recount, McDavid shared his encounter with Mike during a game trip to Philadelphia, where Mike was receiving treatment.
When I found out Mike was in Philadelphia getting treatment, we were there for a game, and it was great to see him while he was going through his proton therapy treatment. It was good to get a chance to see him, see how he was doing and seeing that facility he was at, it's a state-of-the-art facility there.

This experience has inspired McDavid and Hyman to plan the construction of Canada's first Proton Therapy Center in Edmonton under the Stelter Foundation. This initiative not only underscores their commitment to the Stelter family but also to advancing cancer treatment in Canada.
The Oilers' stars recently boosted the foundation's funds with a generous $25,000 donation. Mike Stelter's response to their continued support reflects the deep mutual respect between the player and the family.
«As good as Connor is on the ice, he's even better off the ice. It's pretty cool with everything with Ben, he helped out a ton and it wasn't for show or anything like that, it was all pretty genuine,»

The connection between the Oilers and the Stelter family has grown into a source of inspiration for both the team and its fans. Following significant victories, McDavid mentions that Ben and his family are still very much in his thoughts, showing the lasting impact of their relationship. The future Proton Therapy Center in Edmonton is poised to be a beacon of hope, extending the legacy of Ben Stelter and potentially aiding millions.
As the Oilers progress deeper into the playoffs, their performances are increasingly dedicated to Ben's memory, encapsulated by the rallying cry "Play La Bamba Baby," echoing through the hearts of all who support them.
The Oilers' continued actions speak volumes, not only celebrating a young fan's life but actively contributing to a cause that transcends the sport, making real changes in the community they cherish.
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 McDavid shows the Stelter family a really touching personal gesture

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