Drew Doughty Threatens Connor McDavid Before Tonight's Matchup

Published April 17, 2023 at 12:17

In a recent statement, Drew Doughty of the LA Kings expressed his team's discontent with Connor McDavid's hit on Mikey Anderson during their previous game in Edmonton. While the Kings are keen to avoid unnecessary penalties, Doughty affirmed that the incident has not been forgotten and the team will not hesitate to retaliate if given the chance.

As Doughty stated, "If we get a chance to smack him, we're going to do it." The message to McDavid is clear: the Kings will not tolerate any actions that endanger their players. This kind of tough talk is common in the NHL, where intimidation plays a significant role in the game. Players will go to great lengths to protect their teammates and send a message to their opponents.

It remains to be seen how McDavid and the Oilers will respond to Doughty's comments. However, fans and analysts will be closely watching as the teams face off once again. You can find Doughty's original statement on Twitter at:

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Drew Doughty Threatens Connor McDavid Before Tonight's Matchup

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