Insider Reveals That Connor McDavid is NOT Healthy

Published May 5, 2023 at 11:17

Concerns have been raised about the fitness and health of Connor McDavid, the star player for the Edmonton Oilers, by Ryan Rishaug, a hockey analyst on Sportscentre (TSN). Rishaug has noted that McDavid is not performing at his usual 100% capability, lacking his typical breakaway speed and agility on the ice. While McDavid remains productive and a valuable player for the Oilers, Rishaug believes that McDavid's health is crucial for the team to go far in the playoffs.

Rishaug made these comments after McDavid's recent game, where the player appeared to be performing below his usual level. Despite this, McDavid has managed to score 12 points in the first seven games of the playoffs, placing him in third place in the league.

It is common for hockey players to play through injuries, and McDavid's ability to remain productive on the ice while potentially injured is a testament to his skill and toughness. However, if the Oilers want to progress far in the playoffs, McDavid will need to be at his best, which means ensuring he is fully healthy and recovered. For more information on Rishaug's concerns about McDavid's fitness and health, see NHL Watcher's tweet:

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Insider Reveals That Connor McDavid is NOT Healthy

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