Oilers Defensemen Returns After Missing 5 Months

Published April 3, 2023 at 2:17 PM

After a five-month absence due to injury, defenseman Ryan Murray is set to return to the ice, which is encouraging news for the Edmonton Oilers. Murray's last game was in November, but it seems he is now ready to join the team on their upcoming road trip.

Although head coach Jay Woodcroft expressed his satisfaction with Murray's return, it's worth noting that the Oilers may not actually want him back in the lineup as they have been doing well without him. While Murray's return is a much-needed boost for the management, the team has been performing admirably even in his absence.

It's worth mentioning that the Oilers have allowed an average of 3.29 goals per game, which ranks 21st in the league. With Murray's return, the team will have a solid backup option in case a defensemen goes down, which could potentially improve their defensive performance.

April 3   |   70 answers
Oilers Defensemen Returns After Missing 5 Months

Should the Oilers insert Murray into the lineup?

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