VIDEO: Oilers Fan Going Viral For Jinxing His Own Team Ahead of Game 6

Published May 14, 2023 at 4:40 PM

Tonight's matchup between the Edmonton Oilers and the Vegas Golden Knights in Edmonton holds immense significance, with the Oilers facing a make-or-break scenario. A loss in this game would signify their elimination from the playoffs, making victory an absolute necessity.

While the stakes are undeniably high, the Oilers' fan base exudes an air of unwavering confidence, already anticipating a triumph. One ardent supporter even went so far as to boldly proclaim, "See you at Game 7." While optimism is certainly commendable, it's crucial to refrain from tempting fate and inadvertently affecting the outcome.

The Oilers must harness this fervor and translate it into a resolute and focused performance on the ice. They need to bring their absolute best, flawlessly executing their strategies to secure a pivotal win. The atmosphere in the playoffs is electric, and the Oilers will heavily rely on their passionate fans to provide unwavering support. This game is a must-win situation, demanding that the Oilers leave no stone unturned and give their all on the ice to keep their playoff aspirations alive.
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VIDEO: Oilers Fan Going Viral For Jinxing His Own Team Ahead of Game 6

Will the Edmonton Oilers force a game 7 tonight?

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