Canucks fans test karma and taunt McDavid in streets after playoff win

Published May 5, 2024 at 8:14

In the boisterous realm of NHL playoffs, a curious ritual emerges as fans channel their passions into chants that resonate beyond the rinks.

A year ago, Toronto Maple Leafs enthusiasts took to the streets, their chants of «we want Florida» echoing through downtown Toronto—a bold proclamation of their preference for facing the Florida Panthers over the formidable Boston Bruins.

Fast forward to this year, and it seems Vancouver Canucks fans have borrowed a leaf from their book. As the Canucks prepare for a showdown with Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers, the echoes of a similar chant are stirring the spirits in Vancouver.

However, history whispers a word of caution through the breezes of excitement. Last season's enthusiastic chants by the Maple Leafs fans backfired spectacularly, as the team suffered a quick defeat, bowing out in just five games against the Panthers. This narrative of enthusiasm potentially turning into an ironic twist adds a layer of drama to the playoff atmosphere.

Both the Canucks and the Oilers have tread paths marked by trials and triumphs this season, mirroring each other not just in their challenges but in their remarkable comebacks.

The Canucks, who once grappled with internal turmoil that led to the dismissal of head coach Bruce Boudreau, have seen a significant turnaround under the guidance of Rick Tocchet. This change was punctuated by strategic adjustments, particularly to their defensive strategies, which propelled them back to the top of the standings.

Meanwhile, the Oilers' season narrative shared similar undercurrents of adversity. A rocky start led to the firing of Jay Woodcroft and his assistant Dave Manson. The introduction of Kris Knoblauch as head coach and NHL legend Paul Coffey as assistant brought a revitalizing change, closing their season just five points shy of the Canucks.

As both teams lace up for what promises to be a gripping second-round battle, the question lingers: will the Canucks' fan chants inspire victory, or will they echo the Leafs' fate from a year ago? With both teams evenly matched and the series poised to potentially extend to seven games, the stage is set for an unforgettable clash.

As the chants rise, so do the stakes, and only time will tell which team will advance, leaving the other to reflect on what might have been. This series is not just a test of skill but of fate, shaped by the very voices that seek to propel their team to glory.
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Canucks fans test karma and taunt McDavid in streets after playoff win

The Canucks fans created their own chant against McDavid?

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