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Draisaitl linked to free agent contract with western conference team

Published May 15, 2024 at 5:57 PM

The future of Leon Draisaitl, a key figure for the Edmonton Oilers, has sparked considerable speculation as NHL insiders hint at a possible free agent move to the San Jose Sharks next season.

With his contract set to expire at the end of the forthcoming season, the rumor mill is abuzz, especially during the critical playoff period, which Oilers fans find less than thrilling.

During a recent episode of the Jeff Marek Show, Jeff Marek and ESPN's Greg Wyshynski discussed Draisaitl's potential inclination towards the Sharks. The connection to the Sharks is not just professional but possibly personal, given their German owner, Hasso Plattner. This detail adds an intriguing layer to the speculations, suggesting a deeper cultural and personal appeal for Draisaitl.

»Do you think Draisaitl would go to San Jose because their owner is German?» Greg Wyshynski asked. «That's kind of been whispered for a while,» Marek answered. «Emerging market, great young players. They will obviously compensate him,» Wyshynski added.

While Marek and Wyshynski emphasized the speculative nature of their discussion, they also acknowledged the persistent buzz linking Draisaitl to the Sharks. The allure of joining a team led by a fellow countryman, coupled with the prospect of playing for a squad with promising young talents and the potential for substantial financial rewards, presents a compelling case for Draisaitl's move.

In addition to San Jose, there have been whispers about other teams vying for Draisaitl's signature. Notably, former Oiler Georges Laraque recently indicated that the Boston Bruins are also preparing a significant offer for Draisaitl. According to Laraque, Boston's interest in Draisaitl is serious, and the feeling might be mutual.

The ongoing playoffs are pivotal for Draisaitl's decision-making process. The Oilers are hopeful that their performance this season will significantly influence his choice. A successful playoff run could enhance Edmonton's appeal, emphasizing a stable and winning environment, which might sway Draisaitl to stay with the Oilers.

As the season concludes, Edmonton's management is set to commence negotiations with Draisaitl, hoping to secure his future with the team before he hits free agency. The outcome of these discussions could very well depend on the team's ability to convince Draisaitl of a bright and winning future in Edmonton.
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Draisaitl linked to free agent contract with western conference team

Draisaitl connected to signing with western team under German owner

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