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Draisaitl reveals his health status and availability for Oilers game 2

Published May 10, 2024 at 2:50 PM

In the aftermath of a tense game one against the Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers enthusiasts keenly watched for updates on star player Leon Draisaitl.

His absence from today's practice only heightened concerns about his readiness for game two. The official Oilers' practice was notably missing Draisaitl, sparking widespread speculation and concern.

The concern stems from an incident during the second period of the previous game, where Draisaitl endured a routine cross-check from Canucks defenseman Tyler Myers. The impact was immediate and apparent, as Draisaitl exhibited significant discomfort, testing his back on the ice before consulting with the trainer and eventually exiting the game.

Post-game, Draisaitl was conspicuously absent from media engagements, receiving attention from the medical team instead. Oilers Coach Knoblauch attempted to attribute Draisaitl's absence to cramps and equipment issues—an explanation that met with skepticism given Draisaitl's reputation for resilience.

The reality of his absence from practice today seems to confirm fears that the situation is more serious than initially portrayed.

On a brighter note, Adam Henrique, another key player sidelined by injury, returned to practice today as a full participant. Despite his return, Henrique's status for tonight's game remains uncertain, though his presence at practice is a promising sign that he could be close to a return.

As the Oilers strategize for game two, the potential absence of Draisaitl looms large. Yesterday, Coach Knoblauch hinted at Draisaitl's uncertain status, describing him as "day-to-day" with an undisclosed injury.

Sam Gagner took Draisaitl's place in line rushes during practice, possibly as a temporary measure, reflecting tactics previously seen when Janmark was bumped to the first line in light of Henrique's injury.

Draisaitl's potential inability to play could profoundly impact the Oilers, depriving them of a vital powerplay component and a pivotal figure in their lineup. As game time approaches, the hope is that Draisaitl can either participate effectively tonight or recover swiftly enough to return for game three.

The Oilers' playoff aspirations could hinge on his health and ability to contribute during these critical postseason moments.
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Draisaitl reveals his health status and availability for Oilers game 2

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