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Evander Kane argues with referees over dirty slewfoot while mic'd up

Published April 30, 2024 at 5:12 PM

The stakes were high and the atmosphere electric as the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings battled it out on the rink in Los Angeles.

The Kings, aiming to disrupt the Oilers' rhythm, adopted an aggressive strategy characterized by a series of dubious hits and slewfoots, a tactic that targeted key players, including the vocal and formidable Evander Kane.

Kane, who found himself often at the epicenter of the Kings' physicality, was notably mic'd up during the game, providing fans and viewers with a raw glimpse into the on-ice exchanges.

His frustrations were palpable as he called out an incident, questioning the fairness of the play:

»I'm not upset.. That's a slew foot, man. I do it? How did I land on my back? He's skating beside me right? He's a small little guy, and he gets right under me and —— my legs up. I'm just sayin'.» -Evander Kane

In response to these provocations, Kane didn't just use his words; he took matters into his own hands. Following a particularly egregious slew foot, he confronted not only the offending players but also the referees and Kings' veteran Drew Doughty, highlighting the need for such actions to be penalized.

Doughty's attempts to reverse the accusation did little to deter Kane, who remained undistracted and poised.

The series of events, detailed on social media, underscores the heightened physicality in playoff games, particularly in this series.

Fans took to platforms like Twitter, sharing clips and reactions, such as the original report that captured these moments, which can be found here:

Despite the Kings' efforts to tilt the game with their physical play, the Oilers showcased their resilience and adaptability. Not only did they manage to maintain composure, but they also continued to dominate the game strategically and offensively.

Kane, now a key player on the second line, has been a catalyst in rallying the Oilers, combining his physical play with crucial goals and assists. His leadership on and off the ice is a testament to his influence and importance to the team.

Now, with two road wins under their belt, the Oilers stand on the brink of advancing to the second round of the playoffs.

They are set to face the Kings once more tonight at 8:20, with a chance to secure a decisive victory and continue their quest for the championship.
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Evander Kane argues with referees over dirty slewfoot while mic'd up

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