Georges Laraque releases a new video on how to fight with a rookie NHL enforcer

Sam Jones
July 11, 2024  (7:45)

Georges Laraque releases a new video on how to fight as a rookie NHL enforcer
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In an era where the role of enforcers in hockey is often questioned, 22-year-old Matt Rempe is not just occupying that space; he's redefining it.

Last season, as a fresh face in the NHL, Rempe quickly became notorious for his formidable presence on the ice, standing tall and unafraid to engage in fisticuffs with seasoned enforcers. Yet, this off-season, Rempe is taking a different kind of training session, one that involves honing his pugilistic skills under the tutelage of former Edmonton Oiler and renowned fighter, Georges Laraque.
Rempe, a native of Alberta, traveled back to his roots in Edmonton to train with Laraque, a legend in the realm of NHL fighters. Their training sessions, detailed in snippets of video shared online, show Rempe practicing uppercuts against Laraque's padded hands—a visual that not only excites fans but also signals Rempe's commitment to mastering the art of NHL-style fighting.
Despite his natural ability to leverage his size and ferocity in games, Rempe's technique still needed refinement. His raw aggression on the ice was evident in his rookie season, where in just 17 games, he managed to engage in multiple skirmishes, accumulating 71 penalty minutes and challenging some of the league's top enforcers. This bold approach led some to view him as a one-man crusade to revive the old-school, rough-and-tumble style of hockey, as reflected in a conversation about his impact:
The essence of Rempe's journey is not just in his physicality, but in his storyline—returning to his roots, seeking guidance from a veteran like Laraque, and focusing on skill development over sheer force. This narrative captures the imagination of hockey enthusiasts who yearn for the days when enforcers like Laraque ruled the ice with both their fists and their hearts.
Rempe's growth is particularly poignant given his ties to Alberta and his current role with the Rangers. His endeavor to learn from one of the best not only enhances his skills but also enriches his understanding of the historical and cultural significance of his role. As he continues to evolve, Rempe is not just fighting opponents; he's battling for a revival of a beloved aspect of hockey, much to the delight of fans who admire the raw, unscripted drama of the sport.
With Laraque's guidance, Rempe is poised to become not just a feared opponent, but a respected figure in the league, embodying the spirit and tactics of traditional hockey enforcers. As he gears up for the next season, both fans and foes are advised to watch closely—Matt Rempe is on a mission, and the league has indeed taken notice.
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Georges Laraque releases a new video on how to fight with a rookie NHL enforcer

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