Insider discloses Oilers want to spend $40 million on only three players

Sam Jones
June 15, 2024  (6:23 PM)

Insider discloses Oilers want to spend $40 million on only three players
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The Edmonton Oilers stand at a pivotal juncture as they approach the contractual negotiations with their top-tier players.

A move that could redefine their future trajectory. Frank Seravalli has stirred the conversation by reporting that the Oilers have earmarked a staggering $40M for three key players.
Next season marks the concluding year of Leon Draisaitl's contract, while Connor McDavid and Evan Bouchard's contracts loom on the horizon the following year. The Oilers' intent, as Seravalli points out, is to secure this trio with contracts totaling up to $40M. McDavid is anticipated to command near $16M, Draisaitl $14M, and Bouchard $10M, all on long-term agreements.
SERAVALLI: My point is, two years from now when the Oilers take the ice, those same three guys are gonna add up to $40M.
STAUFFER: 16, 14 and 10?
SERAVALLI: Yep. That's my projection.
With the NHL salary cap projected to rise to over $92M from the current $83.5M, the Oilers will still find themselves allocating a hefty 43% of their cap to just three players. This financial strategy raises concerns about the team's ability to address other critical areas within the roster, especially given the existence of other problematic contracts like those of Darnell Nurse and Jack Campbell.
The Oilers have previously benefitted from Draisaitl's contract, which has been heralded as one of the NHL's best value deals, and even McDavid's contract, which arguably underpays for his calibre. However, the impending necessity to pay these stars what they rightfully earn in free agency means the Oilers need to strategize meticulously around their spending.
The debate in NHL circles persists on whether it's feasible to clinch a championship with a significant portion of the salary tied up in a small number of players. This model has seen the Toronto Maple Leafs struggle without postseason success despite having a locked-up core.
Yet, with talents like McDavid and Draisaitl, the Oilers possess the foundational pieces for potential multiple Stanley Cup runs. The motivation could be even stronger if this season does not pan out as planned. The challenge for Oilers management will be to ensure that even with higher salaries on the books, the team remains competitive and well-rounded.
Stauffer and Seravalli talk about Oilers future
This strategic approach to high-stakes contract negotiations will undoubtedly be a topic of intense scrutiny and debate as the Oilers navigate through these critical financial waters. The outcomes of these decisions could very well dictate their success in the coming years.
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Insider discloses Oilers want to spend $40 million on only three players

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