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Jim Montgomery loses his mind on Bruins bench over Panthers diving

Published May 14, 2024 at 8:22 PM

In a scene reflecting the broader discontent with NHL officiating this playoff season, Boston Bruins coach Jim Montgomery reached his boiling point during a game against the Florida Panthers. The incident that sparked his ire involved a controversial hooking penalty called on Bruins defenseman Mason Lohrei, which Montgomery vehemently argued was a clear case of embellishment by Panthers' Eetu Luostarinen.

Montgomery's animated reaction on the bench was nothing short of theatrical. He mimicked Luostarinen's actions, arguing that the player had not been hooked but had instead taken a dive. Video evidence supports Montgomery's perspective, showing Luostarinen reacting dramatically to minimal contact during what many would consider a standard hockey play. You can see the footage here:

Despite Montgomery's demonstrative appeal, the penalty stood, much to the frustration of the Bruins and their fans. This incident is not isolated, as the consistency of refereeing has been a significant issue throughout the playoffs. The Bruins' GM Don Sweeney also voiced his concerns recently, suggesting that referees should face media scrutiny for their on-ice decisions, indicating a growing exasperation within the team's ranks. More on Sweeney's comments can be found here:

This series of events highlights a critical problem in the NHL: the impact of questionable officiating on game outcomes. Montgomery's outburst is a symptom of a larger issue that has teams and fans alike calling for change. As the playoffs progress, the quality of refereeing remains under intense scrutiny, affecting not just the games but potentially the fate of entire seasons.

The Bruins, like many teams, find themselves at the mercy of decisions that seem inconsistent at best. As tensions mount, the question remains: when will the NHL address the officiating standards that currently leave much to be desired?
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Jim Montgomery loses his mind on Bruins bench over Panthers diving

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