Martin Necas's campaigns see the rise of a new Canadian frontrunner

Sam Jones
June 4, 2024  (8:44)

Martin Necas's campaigns see the rise of a new Canadian frontrunner
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The NHL trade market is heating up, and the latest buzz suggests the Calgary Flames are leading the race to secure Martin Necas, the dynamic center from the Carolina Hurricanes.

As teams scramble to bolster their rosters before the trade deadline, the Flames' strategic move could signal a significant shift in their team dynamics.
According to sources, nearly every team has inquired about Necas' availability, but Calgary's interest stands out as particularly strategic. The Flames are not just looking to add a player; they are aiming to retool their lineup thoughtfully, avoiding a complete rebuild. This approach was evident from their recent acquisition of Kuzmenko from the Canucks, part of a larger strategy to enhance their roster flexibility.
The potential trade revolves around multiple needs and opportunities. The Hurricanes are in desperate need of goaltending prowess, and Jacob Markstrom of the Flames could be the answer. A proposed trade package might include Markstrom, a second-round pick, and prospect Martin Pospisil. Such a deal would benefit the Hurricanes by addressing their immediate needs while also giving them assets for future development.
For Necas, a move to Calgary would be a significant but promising change. The young center has expressed a desire to play a more central role, and Calgary offers just that. Positioned as a first-line center, Necas would not only enhance the Flames' offensive capabilities but also boost their powerplay unit with his speed and playmaking skills.
Moreover, the Hurricanes and Necas are exploring a sign-and-trade agreement that would secure his services in Calgary for a full eight-year term, with a potential annual average value (AAV) of 7-7.5 million USD. This long-term commitment underscores Calgary's belief in Necas' value and fit within their team structure.
As discussions progress, the hockey world is keenly watching to see how this trade unfolds. If successful, this move could serve as a blueprint for other teams in similar retooling phases. For the Flames, securing Necas could be a game-changer, significantly enhancing their competitiveness in the league.
This potential trade is more than just a transaction; it's a strategic alignment of needs, assets, and ambitions. As the situation develops, all eyes will be on Calgary and Carolina to see how they navigate this high-stakes negotiation.
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Martin Necas's campaigns see the rise of a new Canadian frontrunner

In the simulated trade, who declines? («Necas» in place of Markstrom, «a second» for Pospisil).

Carolina says no1427.5 %
Calgary says no1019.6 %
Both say no2243.1 %
Both say yes59.8 %
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