McDavid and Paul Bissonette
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McDavid hilariously teases Paul Bissonette live on air

Published May 12, 2024 at 7:44 PM

The NHL's strategic collaboration with TNT has proven to be a masterstroke in sports marketing, breathing new life into the way hockey is broadcasted and appreciated.

Central to this transformation is the dynamic NHL on TNT panel, a vibrant mix of former players who bring an unmatched level of enthusiasm, expert commentary, and insightful game analysis. This panel isn't just a platform for discussing hockey; it's a pivotal element in drawing new fans to the sport and showcasing the personalities of current players

Featuring Paul Bissonnette, Wayne Gretzky, Anson Carter, and Henrik Lundqvist, the panel excels in blending humor with deep hockey knowledge, creating an engaging viewer experience. Their chemistry is palpable, as they riff off each other's comments, adding both levity and educational value to the broadcasts. This approach not only entertains long-time fans but also makes the sport more accessible and appealing to newcomers.

One of the panel's innovative practices is inviting current players to participate in light-hearted, yet revealing interviews. These segments provide a platform for players like Connor McDavid to step outside the typical post-game interview persona and showcase their off-ice personalities. Such interactions are crucial in breaking the mold of the "robotic" athlete, a stereotype that has often been a hurdle in marketing individual hockey stars.

The panel's influence extends beyond television screens, as highlighted by their active engagement on social platforms like X (formerly Twitter). A recent post featuring the panel can be seen here:

These online interactions are vital in fostering a community around the sport, allowing fans to discuss, debate, and delve deeper into the nuances of hockey.

Moreover, the inclusion of special guests, such as Shaquille O'Neal, adds an extra layer of excitement and crossover appeal, enhancing the panel's reach and relevance. The "Shaq Hyman" joke, a playful nod to player Zach Hyman, exemplifies how the panel mixes humor with hockey culture to great effect. Further details on these special segments can be found here:

The NHL on TNT panel is not just entertaining; it is a strategic tool that has significantly contributed to the growth of hockey. By showcasing the sport through the lens of popular culture and engaging storytelling, it invites fans to see the game through a new perspective. This approach not only retains existing fans but also attracts new ones, ensuring the sport's continued expansion and vibrancy. The success of this panel underscores the immense potential of innovative sports broadcasting in shaping the future of hockey.
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McDavid hilariously teases Paul Bissonette live on air

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