Multiple steaks are thrown on the ice in new Oilers playoff tradition

Sam Jones
May 19, 2024  (3:24 PM)

Oiler fans
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In the realm of NHL fandom, quirky traditions involving throwing objects onto the ice in support of teams have always captured the imagination.

The Detroit Red Wings are famous for their octopus, while the Nashville Predators have their catfish. Joining these storied traditions, it appears the Edmonton Oilers fans have introduced their unique twist: the T-Bone steak.
This peculiar tradition caught attention during a critical game where the Oilers were fighting to extend their series. Reports indicate that not once, but twice, steaks found their way onto the ice. The first instance occurred during the national anthems, which went untelevised, and the second followed a stellar goal by Evander Kane, scored right off the faceoff as the crowd jubilantly sang "Living on a Prayer."
The second steak's appearance on the ice seemed to electrify the atmosphere at Rogers Place, coinciding with the Oilers forcing a game 7, thus keeping their playoff hopes alive. This moment, infused with an almost magical quality, surely intensified the fans' and players' spirits. With such high stakes, the tradition of the steak toss might just be what the Oilers need to keep their momentum.
As the Oilers prepare to head to Vancouver for the decisive game 7, they carry not only the hopes of their fans but also a rejuvenated team spirit, bolstered by goalie Stuart Skinner's commendable comeback and the overall dominant team performance. The raucous crowd at Rogers Place has indeed set a high bar of enthusiasm and support that the team will look to match in Vancouver.
While Vancouver fans are known for their intense passion, which sometimes veers into nervous energy, especially in the face of losses, the Oilers' new-found tradition and the backing of their spirited fans could be the X-factor that guides them in this high-pressure matchup.
As the Oilers step onto the ice tomorrow night at 7:00 MT, they do so not just carrying the hopes of a city but also a burgeoning tradition that might just steak its claim in the annals of hockey lore.
Let's see if the T-Bone steak continues to make appearances and whether it becomes as iconic as the octopus and catfish in the lore of NHL fan traditions.
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Multiple steaks are thrown on the ice in new Oilers playoff tradition

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