NHL official addresses controversy over Cup Final non-call of puck over glass

Sam Jones
June 11, 2024  (5:25 PM)

NHL official addresses controversy over Cup Final non-call of puck over glass
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The Edmonton Oilers found themselves at the center of a heated debate following a controversial non-call in their latest clash.

As tensions flared online, former NHL referee and current ESPN analyst Dave Jackson addressed the issue, shedding light on why a seemingly clear 5 on 3 advantage was not awarded to the Oilers.
According to Jackson, the call, or lack thereof, hinged on the precise moment the puck left Stenlund's stick. On social media, he clarified, "To help clarify any confusion, a puck that is still in contact with the blade of the stick when it breaks the plane, is not a penalty. The rule book does not mention initial contact with the puck. Refs got the call right." - Dave Jackson.
The crux of the controversy lies in where the puck was released. Stenlund started his shot within the confines of the Panthers' side but finished just as he crossed the blue line.
The NHL rules stipulate the determining factor in such scenarios is the point of puck release, not where the shot starts. This incident underscores a common misunderstanding among fans regarding the nuances of NHL rules.
Jackson continued to engage with fans on X, further explaining, "A shot is not a shot until it's no longer on the stick therefore if it leaves the stick over the blue line it's no penalty. If contact occurs exclusively inside the zone, it's a penalty. It reads very straightforward to me but I understand the confusion for some fans." - Dave Jackson.
Despite his attempts to clarify, many fans remained unconvinced, believing the Oilers were unjustly denied a potent 5 on 3 opportunity that could have significantly altered the game's dynamics.
The debate grew so intense that Jackson eventually had to step back, acknowledging the difficulty in swaying public opinion.
With the series returning to Edmonton, the Oilers must recalibrate and harness their home crowd's energy to overcome the Panthers' aggressive play, which has effectively stifled their offense.
From leading the NHL in scoring to managing just one goal in two games, the Oilers are facing a critical challenge. Their success in Edmonton could pivot the series back in their favor, maintaining the competitive tension that has defined this matchup.
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NHL official addresses controversy over Cup Final non-call of puck over glass

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