Nikita Zadorov

Nikita Zadorov takes a shot at the City of Edmonton in media comments

Published May 11, 2024 at 4:41 PM

As the Oilers-Canucks series ties at 1-1, the anticipation builds with the action moving to Edmonton.

The Oilers, aiming to leverage their home advantage, are set to host the next games at Rogers Place. Amidst the growing excitement, Canucks defenseman Nikita Zadorov stirred the pot with comments that have sparked quite the conversation.

Zadorov, known for his outspoken nature, especially concerning Edmonton—a rivalry fueled by his days with the Calgary Flames—didn't hold back when discussing the Oilers' fan base.

"It's fun, they have good fans, diehard fans. I mean, there's pretty much nothing else to do in that city except watch hockey,"

Zadorov quipped. His blunt remarks, as shared on social media, highlight the intense rivalry and the banter typical of sports cities with a deep-rooted history of competition.

In the playoffs, Zadorov has been a significant figure, accumulating 7 points over eight games. His performance, combined with his comments, adds an extra layer of intrigue to the series. "It's a 1-1 series going back to Edmonton. It's only going to get like that. Competitive guys on both sides. Lots of physicality and lots of guys who play with the edge," he noted, underscoring the escalating intensity as the series progresses.

City Leaders Engage in Spirited Wagers

Adding to the series' drama, the mayors of Edmonton and Vancouver have also thrown their hats into the ring, each placing friendly wagers on their teams.

The stakes? The losing city's mayor must don the winning team's jersey and fly their flag at City Hall. Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim upped the ante, engaging in a playful publicity stunt involving the Oilers and Canucks mascots, symbolizing the fierce loyalty and pride of the fans and their cities.

As the series returns to Edmonton, the Oilers take with them not just the momentum of a 4-3 overtime victory but also the high expectations of their passionate fanbase. Game 3 promises to be a pivotal moment in this thrilling matchup, with both teams eager to establish dominance and edge closer to victory.
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Nikita Zadorov takes a shot at the City of Edmonton in media comments

In Game 3, will the Oilers defeat the Canucks?

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