No name will be etched on the Stanley Cup if one key Oilers player wins

Sam Jones
June 5, 2024  (3:33 PM)

No name will be etched on the Stanley Cup if one key Oilers player wins
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As the Edmonton Oilers gear up for the climactic showdown of the Stanley Cup Final against the Florida Panthers.

A poignant narrative unfolds—one that may see veteran Sam Gagner's name absent from the coveted Stanley Cup.
Despite his impactful return to the Oilers this season on a Professional Tryout (PTO) agreement, Gagner finds himself in a precarious position.
Gagner, whose early season contributions fortified the Oilers' depth, has seen his role diminish with the acquisition of Corey Perry. Post-acquisition, Gagner's presence on the ice has been minimal, and he has yet to appear in the playoffs.
His eligibility for inscription on the Stanley Cup is now under threat, as outlined by NHL rules which stipulate that a player must participate in at least 41 regular-season games or one game in the Stanley Cup Final to qualify.
ENGRAVING ELIGIBILITY: A player is required to have appeared in at least 41 regular-season games with a team, or one Stanley Cup Final game, to be eligible to have his name engraved on the trophy.

Gagner's predicament is especially poignant considering his dedication to the team, consistently participating in practices and team activities, and mentoring younger players like Ryan McLeod during challenging times.
At 34, with a career spanning over a thousand games and seven different teams, this season might mark the end of Gagner's professional journey. His heartfelt connection to the Oilers, dating back to his selection sixth overall in the 2007 NHL Draft, makes his potential exclusion from the Cup's engraving all the more emotional. There's talk of Gagner's desire to extend his career into the next season, though roster constraints might complicate his return.
As the Final series unfolds, hopes linger that head coach Knoblauch might deploy Gagner in a crucial game, affording him a chance to meet the eligibility criteria.
The sentiment among fans and teammates alike is clear—if anyone deserves to conclude their NHL saga with their name etched on the Stanley Cup, it's Sam Gagner, a player emblematic of resilience and dedication.
The Oilers community watches eagerly, hopeful that Gagner will grace the ice in the Final, not only to fulfill a career milestone but to honor his unwavering commitment to the sport and the team that has defined his career.
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No name will be etched on the Stanley Cup if one key Oilers player wins

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