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Oilers fans call out Darnell Nurse for troubling statistic in playoffs

Published May 10, 2024 at 7:14

Despite an overall robust performance from the Edmonton Oilers, Darnell Nurse continues to stand out for the wrong reasons. His ongoing struggles on the ice have become a significant hindrance for the team, especially noticeable during this postseason.

In the first game of the playoffs, Nurse's spirited performance briefly suggested a turnaround from his usual form, raising hopes among fans. Unfortunately, this improvement was short-lived.

Over the subsequent five games, his performance deteriorated drastically, leading to widespread disappointment. A stark indicator of his slump is his shockingly low tally of just one hit in these five games—a critical aspect during the high-stakes playoff games.

Nurse's playoff statistics paint a grim picture; he has managed only one assist in six games, contributing to a 6-1 victory over the Kings.

Apart from that single point, his contributions have been minimal, with zero points in the other five games and an alarming plus/minus rating of -6, the lowest among his teammates.

The defensive player's effort this season has been notably lackluster, and his ongoing issues are increasingly seen as a severe liability for the Oilers.

Nurse is bound by a substantial contract that extends over the next seven years, representing a significant financial burden that the Oilers might find impossible to offload, even if they wished to.

Given the critical role of a robust defense in hockey, the Oilers' future success seems jeopardized unless Nurse can significantly improve his game.

However, each passing year diminishes the hope for such a turnaround, casting a long shadow over his future with the team and the team's prospects in upcoming seasons.

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Oilers fans call out Darnell Nurse for troubling statistic in playoffs

Is it possible for the Oilers to win the cup despite Nurse's poor game?

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