Oilers fans directly caused the Panthers to take a penalty in game four

Sam Jones
June 17, 2024  (8:15)

Oilers fans directly caused the Panthers to take a penalty in game four
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In a remarkable twist during game four of the series.

The vibrant energy of Edmonton Oilers fans at Rogers Place had an unexpected influence on the gameplay, according to sports commentators Jeff Merrick and Elliot Friedman.
During a critical moment, the uproarious crowd noise led to a communication breakdown on the Florida Panthers' bench, resulting in a penalty early in the first period.
The penalty in question happened at 4 minutes and 12 seconds of the first period when the Oilers fan base continue their loud presence early on. Merrick and Freidman feel the Oilers crowd was so loud that it caused the Panthers bench to not communicate with one another leading to the penalty.
Although the Oilers didn't capitalize on this specific advantage, their dominance was hardly in question throughout the game. Demonstrating a near-flawless performance, they secured an 8-1 victory, leaving little doubt about their control on the ice.
The Oilers failed to score on that penalty, but it didn't matter the Oilers had complete control of this game and completely dominated especially in the goals department as they won 8-1.
Amidst the triumph, Friedman likened the atmosphere to a celebratory party, a sentiment undoubtedly shared by the fans as they reveled in the certainty of their team advancing.
As the onslaught continued into the second and third period, Friedman stated that it was like a party atmosphere at Rogers place as the fan base felt great knowing that their team would be able to play at least one more game as the series now switches back to Sunrise FL.
With the series returning to Sunrise for game five, optimism among the Oilers' supporters is soaring. If the team can replicate this explosive offensive performance, they just might turn the series around. The excitement continues as the Oilers aim to extend their postseason journey, with the next game scheduled for Monday, June 17th, at 8:00 PM Eastern.
It's safe to say that if the Oilers can find this offence again and somehow managed to pull off another win heading back to Edmonton there is a small chance that things could turn around quickly.
Oilers fans, savoring their home victory, look forward with anticipation and hope for another jubilant celebration as the puck drops in the upcoming game.
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Oilers fans directly caused the Panthers to take a penalty in game four

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