Oilers fans recognize their favorite reporter with awesome chant

Sam Jones
June 17, 2024  (12:14)

Oilers fans recognize their favorite reporter with humorous chant
Photo credit: Preston Hodgkinson/Daily Hive

The city of Edmonton, already buzzing with excitement as it hosts the Stanley Cup Final for the first time since 2006.

Has seen its Oilers fans bring an unprecedented level of enthusiasm and support. Notably, their affection isn't limited to the players alone; fan-favorite reporter Gene Principe has also received an overwhelming wave of appreciation.
During a lively segment before Game 4, Gene Principe was right in the thick of the action, positioned in the Moss Pit among a sea of passionate fans. As he covered the vibrant scene outside the rink, the crowd's energy was palpable, their chants of ‘We Love Gene!' resonating through the air. This spontaneous show of affection highlighted just how much Principe is cherished not only for his reporting but for his spirited personality that resonates well with the hockey community.
The chants were not just background noise; they were a central part of the segment, with Principe himself joining in towards the end, further blurring the lines between reporter and fan. This heartwarming interaction was not lost on viewers, as evidenced by social media where other media members, including Jack Michaels, shared the clip, commending Gene for his engaging style and infectious enthusiasm.
It's no secret that relationships between the media and sports teams can sometimes hit a rough patch, depending on the coverage. However, the community's overwhelming support for Principe during this period is a testament to his respected standing and the positive bond he maintains with both fans and players alike. Even rival Canucks fans hold him in high regard, a rare feat in the competitive world of sports journalism.
As the Oilers strive to shift the series momentum back to their home turf following a win in Florida, the spirit in Edmonton remains high. With the robust support from their fans and commendable performances on home ice, the anticipation is building around whether the Oilers can sustain this energy and possibly clinch the Cup at Rogers Place.
We Love Gene!
In a city united by hockey, the affection for Gene Principe is a beautiful reminder of the community aspect of sports, where the love for the game and its storytellers goes hand in hand. As the Finals press on, Edmonton's heart and soul are clearly on display, not just in the rink, but in every chant and cheer that echoes around it.
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Oilers fans recognize their favorite reporter with awesome chant

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