Oilers have one huge advantage over Vancouver Canucks in playoffs

Sam Jones
May 16, 2024  (5:50 PM)

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As the playoff series tension escalates between the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks, the spotlight intensifies on the Oilers' substantial playoff experience—a decisive edge that could tip the scales in their favor.

With the series progressing, the seasoned Oilers are poised to capitalize on their deep playoff history, contrasting sharply with the relatively green Canucks squad.
The Oilers' roster, seasoned in the postseason crucible, boasts multiple appearances in the conference finals and valuable lessons drawn from past defeats. This seasoned group, augmented by playoff veterans like Corey Perry, presents a stark contrast to the Canucks, where aside from JT Miller, many are navigating their first serious playoff journey.
Kris Knoblauch, though in his inaugural season as head coach, is not shying away from leveraging the Oilers' collective experience. He actively consults with assistant coaches and Oilers' veteran executive Ken Holland. This collaborative strategy recently influenced the pivotal decision to start Calvin Pickard over Stuart Skinner in goal—a move reflecting lessons from Skinner's previous playoff struggles.
«Just talking to a lot of people on staff, getting a feel from the players, but mostly the assistant coaches, Ken Holland just everybody within the organization.»

-Kris Knoblauch
On the opposing bench, Canucks' coach Rick Tocchet is challenging his team to step up, criticizing some players for their passive approach and lack of playoff intensity awareness. As the series advances, this inexperience could become increasingly exploitable, presenting the Oilers with numerous opportunities to dominate.
Oilers' forward Zach Hyman emphasizes the strategic importance of seizing every possible advantage as the series progresses. With fatigue setting in and errors likely increasing, the Oilers aim to be the aggressors, capitalizing on each opportunity.
«It's taking advantage of every little thing as the series goes on. Teams get more tired, there are more mistakes made, and you have to be the team that takes advantage.»

-Zach Hyman
As tonight's game unfolds on the Canucks' turf, the Oilers are not just aiming for a win; they are looking to decisively close the series and return to Edmonton with momentum. This game could very well highlight the dichotomy of experience that defines both teams, potentially setting the stage for the Oilers' seasoned roster to outplay, outlast, and outwit their less seasoned counterparts.
The ongoing series not only tests physical prowess and tactical acumen but also underscores the invaluable asset of playoff experience—an element the Oilers are ready to exploit to its fullest.
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Oilers have one huge advantage over Vancouver Canucks in playoffs

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