Oilers practice discloses Game 7 lineup; one top six player absent with illness

Sam Jones
June 23, 2024  (2:07 PM)

Oilers disclose Game 7 lineup at practice; one top six player out due to illness
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As the Edmonton Oilers wrap up their season with a practice session in Florida, anticipation is building for what promises to be a historic Game 7.

The Oilers displayed their final lineups, hinting at strategic continuity with one notable exception: Evander Kane was spotted practicing on the top line, stepping in for the ailing Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.
Despite Ryan Nugent-Hopkins' absence due to illness, the spirit of the team remains undeterred. He is expected to overcome his ailments to participate in what could be the defining moment of his career. The spotlight, however, shifts to Evander Kane, who has been sidelined since the series' second game. His presence in Nugent-Hopkins' usual spot raises questions about his role and readiness.
Coach Knoblauch's recent comments suggest a potential return for Kane, yet the practice lineup indicates he might remain benched for the final game. This decision seems to reflect a strategy to maintain the team's current dynamic, which has seen improved performance without Kane's involvement. The philosophy of sticking with a winning formula is evident here, underscoring the team's reluctance to alter a successful setup.
The choice to have Kane fill in at the top line during practice, rather than on a lower line where he might realistically play, suggests a tactical move by the coach to keep the rest of the team's structure intact. This decision could signal that, despite his recovery, Kane might not see playtime in Game 7. His early exit from practice after a serious discussion with Coach Knoblauch post-Game 2 only adds to this speculation.
Kane's struggles with a sports hernia and other injuries have significantly hindered his performance, marking a notable downturn for a player expected to be a formidable scoring force. The possibility of Kane sitting out Game 7 seems both a strategic and necessary choice, potentially influencing the team's decisions about his future with the franchise.
As the Oilers prepare for the climax of their season, the interplay of health, strategy, and player dynamics will be crucial in their quest for the Stanley Cup. The decisions made now could define the team's path forward, not just for this game but for future seasons.
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Oilers practice discloses Game 7 lineup; one top six player absent with illness

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