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Passionate year end speech given by McDavid in Oilers locker room

Published April 26, 2024 at 2:09 PM

This season marks a pivotal turn in the trajectory of the Edmonton Oilers, largely driven by the transformative leadership of Connor McDavid.

Now in his ninth NHL season, McDavid isn't just performing; he's inspiring. A glimpse into his leadership was vividly showcased in a recent episode of "The Drop," where McDavid delivered a potent speech that has resonated deeply within the team.

"If this year has taught us anything, it's that when we stick together like brothers and we work together and we stick with it, we can fg do anything. Alright, we brought ourselves back from the fg dead this year and it's a credit to everybody in this room," said Connor McDavid, emphasizing the unity and resilience that have come to define this season's Oilers.

Gone are the days when McDavid was seen as just a prodigious talent burdened by youth and inexperience. Today, he stands as a seasoned veteran, one whose words carry weight and foster a culture of determination and persistence.

This evolution in McDavid's persona from a reserved rookie to a vocal leader mirrors the growth of the Oilers themselves—a team no longer just participating in the playoffs but aiming to dominate.

As the Oilers head back to Los Angeles for the third game of a tied series against the formidable Kings, the stakes are as high as the pressures of playoff hockey. It's here that the true test of McDavid's leadership will unfold. Despite their offensive prowess, McDavid and his cohort will need to further solidify their unity and resolve to capture the elusive Stanley Cup victory.

The journey is tough and the path to glory steep, but with McDavid at the helm, the belief within the locker room is palpable—a sentiment best captured in his rallying cry that has the power to propel them to greatness.
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Passionate year end speech given by McDavid in Oilers locker room

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