Surprise ticket hikes for outdoor watch parties cause shock among Oilers fans

Sam Jones
June 4, 2024  (4:55 PM)

Surprise ticket hikes for outdoor watch parties cause shock among Oilers fans
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In a move that has left many hockey enthusiasts reeling, the Edmonton Oilers' ownership group has decided to significantly increase the price of tickets for the outdoor watch parties at Rogers Arena.

This price hike was announced early today through a press release, revealing that admission to the popular Miss Pit area, previously an affordable $5, will now surge to $20 per ticket as the team heads into the Stanley Cup Final.
What was once seen as an affordable group outing has now become a costlier affair, with a family of five needing to shell out $100, a stark jump from the earlier $25. This fourfold increase has sparked considerable dismay among fans, especially those who have been regular attendees throughout the playoffs.
«In a news release Tuesday morning, the Oilers Entertainment Group (OEG) said tickets for the watch parties for Games 1 and 2 go on sale at noon and will cost $20 each. That's four times the $5 ticket cost for the first three rounds of the . The OEG did not give a reason for the jump in price for watch party tickets.»

Fans stunned with Oilers sudden and steep increase in ticket prices

The ticket shock does not end with the watch parties. Those holding season tickets have seen the minimum price for entry to the Cup Final leap to $294, positioned in the remotest rows of the upper bowl. While tickets for the general public have yet to be released, it is anticipated that these will command even higher prices, potentially locking out the average fan.
With the Oilers poised closer than ever to clinching the Stanley Cup, the ownership's strategy appears to be maximizing revenue from this playoff success. Although this decision might make business sense, the abrupt and steep price increases could deter some fans from participating in what could be a historic win for the team.
As the final approaches, the Oilers community is buzzing with both excitement and apprehension. While the team's success brings joy, the new pricing strategy is a reminder of the often high costs associated with being a dedicated sports fan. As the puck drops, all eyes will be on the ice, with fans hoping their investment pays off with a long-awaited Stanley Cup victory.
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Surprise ticket hikes for outdoor watch parties cause shock among Oilers fans

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