Leon Draisaitl
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Leon Draisaitl hilariously chirps the Los Angeles Kings

Published April 27, 2024 at 2:40 PM

Leon Draisaitl demonstrated why he's regarded as one of the NHL's elite talents during last night's playoff game against the Los Angeles Kings.

he Edmonton Oilers' star shone brightly, netting two goals and an assist in a performance that underscored his playoff prowess.

As the game progressed and the Oilers' lead became insurmountable, Draisaitl's competitive spirit was on full display. He didn't just let his gameplay do the talking; he also engaged in verbal sparring, famously asking Kings players if they were "gonna cry" after their loss, a moment captured vividly on social media:

The Kings responded with increased physicality as their chances of a comeback dwindled, but the Oilers were not to be outdone. The team matched the intensity with notable contributions from Evander Kane and Vinny Desharnais, who were involved in fights, while Draisaitl continued to provoke and challenge the opposition.

In a particularly memorable moment, Draisaitl showcased his agility and quick thinking. While leading a charge down the ice, he executed a slick maneuver to avoid a collision with a referee, continuing his play without missing a beat. This play further highlighted his skill and presence of mind, and can be seen here:

With Draisaitl at the helm, the Oilers' duo of generational talents, which includes himself and another top-tier player, appears more formidable than ever. This game was a clear testament to Draisaitl's dual threat as both a scorer and a strategic player capable of psychological warfare.

His readiness to engage both physically and mentally signals a playoff season where he's fully unleashed, promising daunting challenges for any team facing the Oilers in their quest for the cup.
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Leon Draisaitl hilariously chirps the Los Angeles Kings

Who's the most important player on the Edmonton Oilers for the postseason, besides McDavid?

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