The Oilers and their fans were taunted by the stars after game 2

Sam Jones
May 26, 2024  (11:37)

The Oilers and their fans were taunted by the stars after game 2
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In a move that has stirred significant controversy, the Dallas Stars celebrated their recent victory over the Edmonton Oilers by playing "La Bamba," a song deeply embedded in the hearts of Oilers fans and players alike.

This act, unfolding in the heated atmosphere of game 2, has been perceived not merely as a playful jab but as a profound disregard for the sentimental value the song holds within the Oilers' community.
"La Bamba" is not just any tune for the Oilers; it is a tribute to Joey Moss, the beloved former locker room attendant with Down syndrome who passed away in 2020. The Oilers adopted the song during the 2021-22 season, revitalizing it as a symbol of unity and remembrance, particularly in honor of late super fan Ben Stelter. The connection to the song runs so deep that star player Connor McDavid has publicly shared that the melody evokes memories of Stelter, enhancing the team's morale and driving their performance on the ice.
The choice to play "La Bamba" in a taunting manner has not sat well with the Oilers or their supporters. Across social media, fans expressed their discontent, viewing the Stars' decision as an insensitive misstep, one that transcends the typical rival banter usually seen in sports. The incident has sparked discussions about sportsmanship and the line between competitive teasing and disrespect.
Looking ahead, the series is set to continue in Edmonton, where the Oilers have the opportunity to respond not just through words but through decisive action on the ice. The narrative now extends beyond game tactics and player matchups; it's about honoring a legacy and perhaps, setting the record straight with a victory that resonates both on and off the field. Oilers fans are rallying for a powerful comeback, hoping to hear "La Bamba" resonate through the arena not once, but twice, as a sign of triumph and respect regained.
As the puck drops in Edmonton, all eyes will be on how the Oilers channel this emotional chapter into a rallying cry against the Stars, potentially shifting the momentum of the series. Will the Oilers' response be enough to turn the tide and perhaps even bring the battle back to Dallas with a new edge? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the stakes are as high as the emotions running through this playoff series.
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The Oilers and their fans were taunted by the stars after game 2

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