The Oilers may not have a General Manager for the draft and free agency

Sam Jones
June 23, 2024  (11:20)

The Oilers may not have a General Manager for the draft and free agency
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As the dust settles on Monday night's Game 7, a significant chapter in Edmonton Oilers' history is also coming to an end. Ken Holland.

The General Manager responsible for navigating the team through highs and lows, will see his contract expire. At 68, Holland is not expected to renew his tenure with the Oilers, and rumors suggest he might be stepping away from the ice for a well-earned retirement.
This shift comes at a crucial juncture for the Oilers, who are simultaneously contending for the Stanley Cup and looking towards future leadership. Oilers President Jeff Jackson has been active behind the scenes, reportedly vetting potential candidates for the GM position. Yet, with the NHL Draft looming right after Game 7 and no successor named, the Oilers are in a race against time. A quick decision would indeed be a remarkable feat given the tight schedule.
Earlier discussions highlighted by Jeff Marek from the Rink Fries column point to Mark Hunter as the front-runner for the next GM, followed by internal candidates Brad Holland and Keith Gretzky. The interest in Hunter is not new; his potential as a leading figure in the Oilers' future has been a topic of speculation within the organization for some time.
"I also wonder about [Hunter] and the Oilers if this is Ken Holland's last season running the team. Oilers CEO of Hockey Operations Jeff Jackson has always been a fan of Hunter as he always was of Kris Knoblauch and we all know how that played out." - Jeff Marek, Rink Fries Column

The draft and free agency period are critical for the Oilers, especially with limited picks this season. It's likely the team will rely on Jackson and lead scout Brad Holland in the interim to navigate through these events. However, potential big moves or trades, such as those involving Jack Campbell or Darnell Nurse, would benefit from the strategic direction a new GM could provide.
While the excitement of the Stanley Cup Final dominates the headlines, the Oilers must also prepare for the crucial off-season. The coming week will not only be decisive for their current championship aspirations but will also shape the team's future as they aim to enhance their roster and maintain their competitive edge in the NHL.
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The Oilers may not have a General Manager for the draft and free agency

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