Xavier Bourgault
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Top prospect Bourgault called up for playoffs by the Edmonton Oilers

Published May 6, 2024 at 3:04 PM

In a significant move to bolster their lineup for the playoffs, the Edmonton Oilers have called up Xavier Bourgault, along with several other prospects and depth players, in a bid to deepen their roster. This strategic decision was announced early this morning, signaling a fresh wave of energy and potential within the team as they prepare for the critical postseason games.

Xavier Bourgault, a prominent figure among the Oilers' prospects, has been promoted from the AHL where he has spent the last two seasons honing his skills. Despite a challenging season where he scored 8 goals and totaled 20 points in 55 games, Bourgault's call-up is seen as an opportunity for him to immerse himself in the playoff atmosphere and gain valuable experience.

The Oilers' hope is that this exposure will ignite a robust off-season regimen for the young forward, setting him up for success in the upcoming training camp.

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Alongside Bourgault, the Oilers have summoned a sizable group known as the 'Black Aces,' a term traditionally used in hockey for players called up from minor leagues during the playoffs.

These players, including notable names like Jack Campbell, Philip Broberg, and Olivier Rodrigue, serve as an extended backup, stepping into the lineup in case of injuries. Their presence at practices, like Philip Broberg's consistent reps today, not only prepares them for potential game-time but also enhances the overall team dynamics.

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This influx of young talent and the substantial size of the group compared to other teams underscore the Oilers' depth and the organizational emphasis on developing players within the playoff environment. This practice not only prepares the players for the high stakes of playoff hockey but also fosters long-term growth and readiness, which are crucial for sustaining competitive performance.

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As the playoffs approach, the Oilers' strategy of integrating these prospects and depth players not only strengthens their immediate lineup but also reinforces the team's future prospects, making it a commendable move by the organization.

This preparation showcases their commitment to both immediate success and long-term development, a balancing act that could pay dividends in their quest for the championship.
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Top prospect Bourgault called up for playoffs by the Edmonton Oilers

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