Tragic Oilers fan had emotional moment with Sam Gagner before Cup Final

Sam Jones
June 9, 2024  (9:34)

Tragic Oilers fan had emotional moment with Sam Gagner before Cup Final
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In an incredibly moving gesture, the Edmonton Oilers have shared a poignant video

Spotlighting the personal journeys of their players on the road to the Stanley Cup Final.
Among the highlights is a touching tribute to Joey Moss, a beloved figure within the Oilers' community, whose legacy continues to inspire the team and its fans alike.
Joey Moss, a passionate Oilers enthusiast who had Down Syndrome, became a fixture in the Oilers' locker room for over three decades thanks to his friendship with NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. Moss, who passed away in 2020, is commemorated every game with the team's victory anthem, "La Bamba," a song that resonates with his enduring spirit.
The video features Sam Gagner, a veteran Oilers forward, in a particularly emotional segment. As the team gears up for the final battle for the Cup in Florida, Gagner visited Moss's house, a moment of reflection and connection with his late friend. In a scene captured in the video, Gagner is depicted outside Joey's residence, lost in memories of his friend.
The city has given you so much. It's been dreaming with you. We're all so proud of you in every role you've had. You sat outside Joey's house the other day, missing him, but he'd be so proud of you right now.

Gagner's journey with the Oilers is itself a narrative of resilience and commitment. Drafted first-round in 2007, Gagner's career spanned several teams across the NHL before returning to Edmonton, where his roots and heart lay.
His poignant reflection on Moss before stepping onto the league's grandest stage adds a layer of depth to his already storied career.
However, Gagner faces a unique challenge this year. Despite his significant contributions and popularity, he is currently ineligible to have his name etched on the Stanley Cup due to not meeting the required number of games played this season.
For Gagner's name to be included on the Cup, should the Oilers claim victory, he needs to appear in at least one game during the Final—a situation that puts both him and the team in a difficult position.
The Oilers' acknowledgment of Joey Moss's impact through their heartfelt tribute and their ongoing support for Gagner highlight the profound connections and cultural fabric within the team.
It is these human elements that enrich the sport, making moments like these far more significant than just a game. As the Oilers continue their quest for the Cup, they carry not only the hopes of their fans but the legacy of figures like Moss and the dreams of players like Gagner, weaving a rich tapestry of passion, memory, and aspiration.
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Tragic Oilers fan had emotional moment with Sam Gagner before Cup Final

Will the Oilers be able to engrave Sam Gagner's name on the trophy if he plays in the Cup Final?

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