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Vancouver Canucks coach calls for NHL to suspend Zach Hyman

Published May 13, 2024 at 5:39 PM

In the heated world of hockey, few moments capture the essence of rivalry and contention as the recent scuffle between the Edmonton Oilers and the Vancouver Canucks. At the heart of the controversy are two pivotal incidents: a cross-check by Carson Soucy on Oilers' star Connor McDavid, followed by a retaliatory cross-check from Oilers' Zach Hyman on Canucks' Nikita Zadorov.

During a tense moment in the game, Soucy delivered a hard cross-check to McDavid's face, sparking outrage among Oilers fans and players alike. The incident quickly escalated when Hyman stepped in to defend his teammate, leading to a second altercation involving Hyman and Zadorov.

The response from the Canucks' camp was swift, with head coach Rick Tocchet expressing his concerns to the NHL. Tocchet stopped short of explicitly calling for Hyman's suspension but emphasized the need for the league's Player Safety department to review the incident.

»It's a scrum. Z got cross checked by Hyman after. I think there's a couple of incidents that George (Parros) and them are looking at right now.

Rick Tocchet

Adding to the complexity, Zadorov sustained a facial laceration requiring stitches, underscoring the severity of Hyman's cross-check. Despite the clear implications of the act, Hyman has not faced any disciplinary action from the NHL, which has left many surprised and questioning the consistency of the league's rulings.

The league took measures against Soucy and Zadorov, imposing a one-game suspension on Soucy and fining Zadorov $5K. These actions have been met with mixed reactions, with some agreeing with the decision, while others argue that Soucy's punishment was insufficient and Hyman's actions warranted similar scrutiny.

As the series progresses, the incidents have set the stage for a highly charged Game 4 in Edmonton. Both teams are likely to enter the game with a sense of injustice and a desire for retribution, promising a fierce and compelling contest. This upcoming game is not just about points; it's about pride, making it a must-watch for any hockey enthusiast.

While the immediate focus remains on the individual actions and the upcoming game, these incidents raise broader questions about player safety, disciplinary consistency, and the role of retaliation in hockey. The NHL's handling of such situations continues to be a topic of debate, with fans and experts alike calling for clearer guidelines and more consistent enforcement.

As the dust settles, the Oilers and Canucks are gearing up for more than just another playoff game. They are preparing for a showdown that could define the remainder of their series, driven by passion, rivalry, and the shadows of their recent skirmishes.

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Vancouver Canucks coach calls for NHL to suspend Zach Hyman

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