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Vancouver transit bans saying Go Canucks Go due to inclusivity

Published May 3, 2024 at 9:29 PM

The Vancouver Canucks have just clinched their second round playoff berth for the first time in over ten years, and the city is going wild for the Canucks - except for the actual city. The government, and now even transit, seem bent on making it hard on Canucks fans.

Public transit in Vancouver has now banned the actual phrase of ‘Go Canucks Go'. Daily Hive reporter Rob Williams asked the bus company TransLink for an explanation, and they hilariously said that Go Team Go is a more inclusive phrase.

»In a phone conversation with Daily Hive, a TransLink spokesperson explained that each bus can be programmed with only a limited amount of messages, and that «go Canucks go» wasn't «inclusive» enough.
This decision was apparently made years ago.»
-Rob Williams, Daily Hive

In playoff runs of years past, signs around the city including transit always read the Canucks name, along with other sports teams local to Vancouver. However, this weird absence of the Canucks chant is part of a larger strategy from the city.


Vancouver is also the only city that won't host an outdoor playoff watch party for their fans. The mayor of Vancouver explained the city's past of riots after losses as a reason to not trust fans gather in public spaces.

It's an absolutely shameless look for Vancouver for both events, and it feels so out of touch for what the people of the city care about - the Canucks. The city and team has to do a whole lot better, or they'll risk alienating their fans significantly.

It's a totally gutless and vapid look for the city of Vancouver to alienate their fans like this. In what should be a big publicly uniting moment, the city has instead decided to just quash any signs of fandom in Vancouver. It's a troubling sight.
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Vancouver transit bans saying Go Canucks Go due to inclusivity

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