Ambulance Escorts Woman Out of Playoff Teams Hotel Room at 3AM

Published April 28, 2023 at 10:08

Valeri Nichushkin, the Russian forward for the Colorado Avalanche, has been absent for almost a week due to "personal reasons" that the team has not disclosed. However, reports have surfaced regarding a crisis situation at the team's hotel in Seattle just hours before Game 3 against the Kraken.

According to the Seattle Police Department's incident report, Avalanche employees found a heavily intoxicated woman named Irina in Nichushkin's hotel room. Concerned about her safety, the team's doctor, Bradley G. Changstrom, called 911.

Changstrom reported that Irina had hit him, but he chose not to press charges against her. Irina claimed that someone had taken her passport and referred to them as a "bad person." She was taken into custody for posing a risk to others and was transported by ambulance.

After leaving the hotel with team security, Nichushkin's whereabouts are currently unknown. He missed Game 3 and has not played in Games 4 or 5. It is uncertain if he will return for Game 6, as the Avalanche are behind in the series 3-2 and face elimination on Friday.

Nichushkin had an impressive season with 17 goals and 30 assists in 53 games for the Avalanche. He was also a standout player during the team's 2022 Stanley Cup run, scoring nine goals in 20 playoff games. The team rewarded him with an eight-year, $49 million contract last summer, solidifying his importance to the team's future success.
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Ambulance Escorts Woman Out of Playoff Teams Hotel Room at 3AM

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