Bettman Exhibits Bias Towards the Golden Knights Once More

Published June 28, 2023 at 6:26 PM

Inconsistent Treatment: NHL Allegedly Exhibits Favoritism Towards Teams like Tampa Bay Lightning and Vegas Golden Knights

The recent success of the Vegas Golden Knights and Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL has sparked debates about whether the league plays favorites when it comes to certain teams. One particular incident that has raised eyebrows is the Golden Knights' utilization of the Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR) protocol, allowing them to bring back Mark Stone in a timely manner for the playoffs, ultimately leading to their triumphant Stanley Cup victory.

Critics argue that this favorable treatment given to the Golden Knights highlights a potential disparity in how the NHL manages its rules and regulations. By taking advantage of the LTIR, the Golden Knights were able to strategically navigate their way through the season, giving them an advantageous edge over their competitors during crucial playoff games. The return of Mark Stone, a key player for the team, undoubtedly played a significant role in their success.

This perceived favoritism is not limited to the Golden Knights alone. The Tampa Bay Lightning, another team that has achieved remarkable success in recent years, has also faced allegations of receiving preferential treatment from the league. The Lightning's ability to maintain a competitive roster while adhering to the salary cap has raised questions among fans and analysts alike.

While the NHL has consistently denied these accusations of favoritism, the ongoing debates surrounding the treatment of certain teams continue to fuel speculation and discontent among fans. Supporters of other franchises express frustration at what they perceive as an uneven playing field, where some teams seemingly receive more leniency when it comes to managing their rosters and navigating the league's protocols.

The NHL, as the governing body of professional ice hockey, should strive to ensure fairness and equality among all teams. It is crucial for the league to address these concerns, reinforce transparency, and provide reassurance that no team is given preferential treatment based on their popularity or financial status. By doing so, the NHL can preserve the integrity of the sport and ensure that success is solely determined by the skill, determination, and teamwork displayed on the ice.

The NHL has stepped in to stop Tony DeAngelo from returning to Carolina, as they believe the Hurricanes to be circumventing the cap, per Pierre LeBrun.

The NHL took issue with DeAngelo being traded back within a year of the original trade at retained salary. The Flyers & Hurricanes are arguing that it doesn't matter because the contract was signed by Philadelphia.

The league and the teams will talk this week in Nashville and either sign off on the deal or make the teams wait until July 9th, one year after the original deal.

Well, this is sort of crazy, but I guess rules are rules?

Explainer from

on why league has not allowed the DeAngelo trade to this point

Recently, the league canceled a trade between the Philadelphia Flyers and Carolina Hurricanes until a vote is taken.

The Flyers had given up a lot in exchange for Tony DeAngelo, but now they're trying to reverse the trade. It seems as though Briere is attempting to fix the mistakes made by Chuck Fletcher.

The NHL allowed Nikita Kucherov and Mark Stone to sit an entire season and play in the playoffs, but Carolina can't trade for a former player in the offseason?


The league has deemed this action as cap circumvention, a practice that has become commonplace during the post-season for quite some time.

This biased treatment towards Bettman's favored teams is unjust, and it is disheartening that the Hurricanes and Flyers are not being granted equal treatment.

It serves as a reminder that individuals in positions of authority often exert influence over decision-making in this league.
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Bettman Exhibits Bias Towards the Golden Knights Once More

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