Ex-Oiler Jordan Eberle Facing Suspension After Dangerous Collision

Published April 29, 2023 at 11:00

It can be frustrating as an NHL fan when questionable penalties are only given a minor call. This is a common issue that has plagued the league throughout the regular season and has only become more frequent during the playoffs. While this is understandable to some degree, the intensity and physicality of the game shouldn't excuse dangerous plays.

During game 6 between the Colorado Avalanche and the Seattle Kraken, things got out of hand. Seattle forward Jordan Eberle made a hit on Avalanche forward Andrew Cogliano from behind, resulting in a minor penalty being assessed. This hit occurred in an area of the ice where no contact should ever be made, and it's a recipe for disaster. The only possible outcome of such a hit is an injury, making it mind-boggling that only a minor penalty was given for such a dangerous play.

The NHL Department of Player Safety needs to review this play immediately. While Eberle isn't typically known as a dirty player, it's still his responsibility to know when to hold back and avoid making dangerous hits. If the league is serious about making the game safer, incidents like this need to be dealt with more severely, and this should be a suspendable offense.

Recently, there was a similar hit that occurred and led to a suspension. It's important for the league to be consistent in their rulings and ensure that players are held accountable for their actions.

Here's the hit that happened just the other night, leading to a suspension:

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Ex-Oiler Jordan Eberle Facing Suspension After Dangerous Collision

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