Did Snoop Dogg Just Jinx The Edmonton Oilers?

Published April 29, 2023 at 10:58

A well-known gangsta-rap icon from Southern California, Snoop Dogg, has been a regular presence at Los Angeles Kings' games.

However, in a surprising twist, he was spotted wearing the jersey of the Kings' playoff rivals, the Edmonton Oilers, recently. Upon closer inspection, it seems like he is sporting a Zach Hyman jersey, which is commendable since Hyman is a skilled player.

The question arises, did Snoop intentionally wear the wrong jersey to jinx the Oilers?

Snoop has jinxed teams in the past, including the Maple Leafs..

It would have been appropriate for him to wear Gretzky's number 99, considering his contributions to both teams. Yet, a simple Google search of the "Snoop Dogg hockey jersey" reveals that he has flaunted various hockey team jerseys, including the Saskatoon Blades and the old block-style Pittsburgh Penguins jersey from the 90s.

As the Kings and Oilers near the end of their series, it seems too coincidental that Snoop's jersey choice may have played a role in the outcome.
April 29   |   31 answers
Did Snoop Dogg Just Jinx The Edmonton Oilers?

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