Connor McDavid Speaks on NHL Pride Night

Published April 9, 2023 at 11:23 PM

In an interview, Connor McDavid was asked about his role in the NHL and his willingness to speak out on important issues. McDavid acknowledged the weight his voice carries and mentioned being strategic about what he talks about and when. He also expressed gratitude for the League and Players' Association's openness to having conversations with him. McDavid's platform as one of the best players in the NHL has allowed him to advocate for more diversity and inclusivity in hockey, and support initiatives such as Pride Night. His influence extends beyond the ice rink and serves as an inspiration for others in the hockey community.

April 10   |   64 answers
Connor McDavid Speaks on NHL Pride Night

Does Connor McDavid have the most influence in the league?

Yes3148.4 %
No710.9 %
It's close1218.8 %
Him or Crosby1421.9 %
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