Darnell Nurse and Alex Pietrangelo Both Suspended

Published May 11, 2023 at 9:13 PM

Las Vegas Golden Knight Alex Pietrangelo, has been suspended 1 game for slashing Oilers Leon Draisaitl, in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

This was a dangerous and gutless play as Alex Pietrangelo, let his anger get the best of him and took it out on Draisaitl. It was clearly intent to injury, as it was after Draisaitl gave up the puck and Pietrangelo two hand slashed him.

All series long Pietrangelo, has butted heads with a lot of the Oilers top players. It really boiled over when going into the 3rd period of Game 4, already down 4-0.

Edmonton Oilers Captain Connor McDavid, spoke about the play in an interview after the game. As he was the one who jumped in to Leon Draisaitl's defence, stirring the pot even more.

The slash occurred with just 01:27 left in the game. In the 3rd period things were unraveling quickly, as a handful of players from both sides were sent to the dress room within the last 10 minutes of Game 4.

Leon Draisaitl, was slow to return to his feet after taking the swing on the wrist from Pietrangelo, but he would stay on the bench.

There is no news on if Leon Draisaitl may have suffered an injury or not, but that is worst case scenario.

Vegas fans aren't very happy with this, as Evander Kane had a high hit on Alex Pietrangelo in Game 3. Evander Kane didn't have a hearing nor did he face any punishment.

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Darnell Nurse and Alex Pietrangelo Both Suspended

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