ESPN Broadcaster Apologizes For Disrespecting Indigenous Player in Oilers-Vegas Game

Published May 9, 2023 at 2:10 PM

ESPN SportsCenter anchor John Anderson has found himself in hot water after making offensive comments about the name of Vegas Golden Knights defenceman Zach Whitecloud during a highlights segment of the Edmonton Oilers-Vegas Golden Knights series. Anderson's ill-advised joke regarding Whitecloud's name did not sit well with many viewers, who found it distasteful and disrespectful.

Anderson's comment, stating, "
What kind of name is Whitecloud? Great name if you're toilet paper.
" crossed the line, as Whitecloud, a proud member of the Sioux Valley Dakota Nation in Manitoba, holds his Indigenous heritage and name in high regard.

Twitter erupted with criticism following Anderson's insensitive remark, with users expressing their disappointment and calling for accountability.

In response to the backlash, Anderson took to Twitter to issue a formal apology and accept full responsibility for his actions. Recognizing that it is part of his professional duty to be well-informed about players' backgrounds, he expressed deep regret for his failure in this regard. Anderson pledged to personally reach out to Zach Whitecloud, the Golden Knights organization, and their fans to offer his sincere apologies.

It is crucial to note that making derogatory comments based on someone's name or ethnicity is both unprofessional and insensitive. Anderson's apology represents a step in the right direction towards rectifying his mistake and demonstrating respect towards Indigenous players and their cultural significance. The incident serves as a reminder that sports broadcasters should approach their roles with sensitivity and awareness, avoiding remarks that can perpetuate stereotypes or offend individuals based on their identities.
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ESPN Broadcaster Apologizes For Disrespecting Indigenous Player in Oilers-Vegas Game

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