Elon Musk Bans Leon Draisaitl on Twitter and More

Published April 21, 2023 at 2:23 PM

Twitter has been a game-changer for communication, offering people a different way of sharing news, knowledge, and tips, and providing reporters and media organizations with another means of reaching people. It has also been a platform for sports players to engage with fans and media personalities and showcase their personalities. One thing that made Twitter trustworthy was the checkmark that verified the account as authentic.

However, the legacy checkmarks have been removed as part of Twitter's latest policy, leaving only Twitter Blue accounts that pay $96 a year to maintain their privileges. As a result, even established athletes like Connor McDavid have lost their checkmarks. Additionally, Leon Draisaitl remains suspended from Twitter.

While Elon Musk's policy may seem smart, it leaves room for imposters to take advantage of the confusion. This chaos continues despite Twitter operating under a consent decree dating back to 2011 by the FTC. Only time will tell if Twitter's new policies will succeed in maintaining the platform's authenticity and credibility.

April 21   |   18 answers
Elon Musk Bans Leon Draisaitl on Twitter and More

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