Grant Fuhr Speaks Out in Regards to Stuart Skinners Performances

Published April 22, 2023 at 11:04

During Oilers broadcasts, Grant Fuhr's name continues to be mentioned, even though it has been 32 years since he last played for the team in blue and orange. This is because a rookie goalie, hailing from Edmonton, has accomplished feats that have not been achieved since Fuhr's tenure in 1982.

Last week, Stuart Skinner surpassed Fuhr's record for most wins by an Oilers rookie, totaling 29 wins. On Wednesday, he further solidified his standing as a standout rookie by becoming the first rookie netminder to secure a playoff win for the Oilers since Fuhr.

Fuhr himself has commented on the accomplishments of Stuart Skinner and the Edmonton Oilers, expressing many positive remarks about them.

"I'm still a diehard Oilers fan. So the better they do, the better [Skinner] does, the happier I am I still follow the Oilers, born and raised just outside of Edmonton, so I'll always be an Oilers fan," Fuhr said with a big smile.

"The fact that they keep dragging me up [on the broadcasts] from beyond is not a bad thing. It means I must have accomplished something a long time ago."

"Stuart has been on a great run, I think that's the fun part. He's had a
phenomenal year and he's an Edmonton kid, which makes it kind of a neat bonus too," Fuhr told CTV News Edmonton Friday.

"By the time you get to the NHL, everybody has skills. The good ones get separated by how they think the game and how they see the game and Stuart does a great job of that," Fuhr said.

"You can tell by the way the guys play in front of him. They have a sense of calm when he's playing."

Source: CBC NEWS
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Grant Fuhr Speaks Out in Regards to Stuart Skinners Performances

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