McDavid and Draisaitl Expose The NHL's Awful Officiating

Published April 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM

During game three of the first round of the Stanley Cup finals, the Edmonton Oilers suffered a tough overtime loss against the LA Kings. However, new evidence has emerged, indicating that the winning goal should not have been allowed due to a high stick from the Kings player.

After the controversial goal, Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft used his coach's challenge, leading to a five-minute review by the referees. However, the referees ultimately ruled that the puck did not make contact with the Kings player's stick, allowing the goal to stand.

Recently, a new camera angle has been released, clearly showing that the puck did touch the player's stick, which would have resulted in the goal being disallowed. This new evidence has led Oilers' players Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid, as well as coach Jay Woodcroft, to criticize the NHL's officiating.

Draisaitl stated that he is uncertain about the current standard of refereeing, while McDavid called out the officials for not calling a high-stick penalty on a play involving Vilardi. Woodcroft expressed his frustration with the referees' decision, stating that the greatest player in the world was two feet away and had his arm up due to the high stick.

It is clear that the Oilers believe that there were several instances of poor officiating in this game, not just the controversial overtime goal. You can see the tweets about the controversy here:

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McDavid and Draisaitl Expose The NHL's Awful Officiating

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