NHL Hart Trophy Finalists Revealed: One Edmonton Oiler Snubbed

Published May 14, 2023 at 9:37

The finalists for the prestigious Hart Trophy have recently been announced, and one name stands out among them.

The three deserving finalists are Connor McDavid from the Edmonton Oilers, David Pastrnak from the Boston Bruins, and Matthew Tkachuk from the Florida Panthers.

However, one notable omission from this list is Leon Draisaitl. With an impressive record of 128 points in 80 games (1.6 PPG) and over 50 goals, Draisaitl has been a driving force behind the Oilers' playoff run. Many argue that he should have secured a spot among the finalists.

Undoubtedly, the frontrunner for the award is Connor McDavid. With an astounding 153 points, including 64 goals, McDavid has consistently delivered awe-inspiring performances throughout the season. His exceptional skills and numerous highlight-reel moments make him a strong candidate for the Hart Trophy.

Another deserving contender is David Pastrnak, whose 62-goal season and commanding presence on the power play have made him a constant threat to opponents.

The only contentious aspect of the finalist selection is Matthew Tkachuk's inclusion over Draisaitl. Although Tkachuk had a noteworthy season with 100+ points, it is widely believed that Draisaitl's overall performance surpasses his. Some speculate that the NHL aimed to diversify the list and include Tkachuk for that reason.

Barring any surprises, it is highly likely that Connor McDavid will emerge as the victor of the 2023 Hart Trophy, a result that many deem fitting and well-deserved.
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NHL Hart Trophy Finalists Revealed: One Edmonton Oiler Snubbed

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