Police Forced to Break up Fight at Oilers Watch Party

Published May 14, 2023 at 9:38

Every so often, you will see video of fights whether it's in the stands of the NHL or out on the street but some fans just can't hold their anger against others.

Before Game 5 when the Oilers played the Vegas Golden Knights video capture the lady with the McDavid jersey fighting with another person.

Most fans in the Moss pit decided to stay back and let the authorities take care of this. It was broken up within seconds but it was certainly intense on the video. No word on what caused the fight in the first place.

The energy of this series has been quite strong, with numerous players being thrown out of games and suspensions and fines have been given. It remains to be seen how long the series will go on for but one thing is certain, this energy will not dissipate anytime soon.
May 14   |   9 answers
Police Forced to Break up Fight at Oilers Watch Party

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