Scary Moment at Edmonton Oilers Practice: Update

Published April 16, 2023 at 5:13 PM

The Edmonton Oilers are in dire need of support for their playoff push, and it goes without saying that injuries could pose a significant threat. Even minor accidents that occur during practice could ultimately have a detrimental impact on the team's performance.

During a recent practice session, Kailer Yamamoto was on the ice until a mishap occurred. According to a tweet by Gene Principe, Yamamoto was hit in the face by a puck and subsequently had to leave the ice.

Fortunately, Yamamoto's injury seems to be limited to a bloody nose, and there is currently no information as to whether or not it is broken. Principe has not released any further details regarding the incident.

An update on Yamamoto's condition was later provided via Twitter by Principe. The puck hit Yamamoto's visor and nose, but thankfully, he did not sustain any serious damage.

Here are the links to the original tweets for reference:

Gene Principe's tweet about Yamamoto leaving practice after being hit by a puck:

Gene Principe's tweet providing an update on Yamamoto's condition:

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Scary Moment at Edmonton Oilers Practice: Update

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